ecodrive has put its unique decade-long experience to the advantage of some of the largest vehicle manufacturers in bringing their Electric Vehicles to market.

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ecodrive training session for dealers and internal staff © ecodrive

Our unique expertise has enabled us to train internal staff, EV Sales Specialists and Dealer Principals - about the products themselves, the wider marketplace, government and EU targets and incentives and the changing mindset of the potential EV purchasers - both retail customers and fleet buyers.

We design and deliver all of the sales training for Peugeot iOn and Citro├źn C-Zero in the UK and delivered the European TTMT (Train the Master Trainer) for the Renault ZE range, plus the Ireland and UK national dealer training, at the largest EV launch in history in Seville with over 7,000 delegates.  We further co-designed the training for the Opel Ampera Extended-Range EV for the German market.

Our team blends vast technical knowledge of EVs, many years experience of conventional automotive sales and marketing for the major brands in the UK and Europe with years of experience of demonstrating and educating the public about EVs to design and deliver a bespoke training package for sales or service staff which is accessible to the target  audience, demystifies the technology and gives real-life accounts of how the vehicles work in practice.

Sales staff need to understand the extended 'qualification' process to ensure that a customer can successfully use the new type of vehicle, the requirements for home or base charging & any local infrastructure projects and to appreciate the upselling and associated sales opportunities arising from EV enquiries.

Service staff need to understand the different risks associated with high voltage components on EVs and adapt their skills sets to deal with minor and major repairs in future - on EVs, (Plug in) Hybrid Vehicles and Extended-Range EVs.

We are also developing a nationally accredited training package for emergency services first responders to enable them to deal with the plethora of new vehicle technologies to keep themselves safe and to expedite the safe rescue of people in road traffic collisions involving EVs.

We can call on a team of associate trainers, experienced in EV product training, to cater for an event of any scale, from a national or international product launch to in-house or in-dealer training events.

Please contact us or email directly at to discuss your training needs.