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Electric Vehicles are generally very low maintenance because of the mechanical simplicity. However, 'low maintenance' often means that the minimal maintenance is neglected! It is important to the long-life of the vehicle (thereby further reducing its environmental impact) and its parts to ensure that maintenance schedules for batteries, motor parts (such as brushes) and ancilliaries (e.g. coolant pumps) are respected where applicable.

We offer routine servicing on specific models of EVs as well as repair of modules such as battery chargers and ECUs (Electronic Control Units) where usually the only option is replacement of the unit. Vehicle manufacturer main agents use us for repairs.

Do you have a fault on a Peugeot/Citroen Electric Vehicle? Contact us for advice!

Electrical Safety Testing

Just like other electrical equipment, Electric Vehicles and their charging cables should be examined and tested regularly to ensure that they are in a safe condition. We offer testing of charging cables by post and can test vehicles in some parts of the UK.

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