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Sustainability Policy

At eco-drive we take our environmental and social responsibility seriously. Whilst we are promoting environmentally-friendlier, alternative-fuel vehicles, we take the utmost care to ensure that our own business activities are as low-impact and equitable as possible and they are constantly under review with improvements to current practices always our objective.

We recently completed a CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) 5-day Level 3 Environmental Management at Work certificate. In due course, we aim to acheive BS8555 and ISO14001.

We aim to exceed legal requirements to achieve the best standards possible.

Sourcing and procurement

We seek to source vehicles, products, goods, materials and services from manufacturers and suppliers with good social and environmental practices.

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Recycling and waste

We follow the reduce-reuse-recycle mantra: we strive to reduce the amount of disposable material; reuse materials and packaging and recycle those materials that are no longer of use. We aim to only accept materials which are recyclable via local facilities.

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Energy usage

Our energy usage is closely monitored with only low energy lamps and appliances bought for our offices and facilities. Timers and motion sensors are used to minimise wastage, as well as good manual practice for energy conservation, such as switching off appliances with a "standby" quiescent consumption when not being used.

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Water conservation and drainage

Rainwater is "harvested" in water butts for cleaning vehicles and flushing toilets. Only biodegradeable cleaning products are used in minimal quantities.

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Vehicle maintenance

Electric vehicles generally require fewer maintenance parts meaning less waste generated throughout their life. We exercise the best care to source the best quality, longlife parts.

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We aim to obtain professional and financial services from ethical, socially responsible organisations which uphold similar standards to ours.

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We want everyone to be able to access our website and our business as much as possible regardless of ability. We aim to meet and exceed the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act. We have staff trained in British Sign Language and other disability awareness.

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We aim to help employees to develop their full potential with training and support for lifelong learning. We are a member of the Environmental Skills Network, providing support and funding for business development and workforce training.

We are an equal opportunity employer.