Water usage and conservation

Our vehicles are maintained with the utmost respect for theenvironment. They are washed using "harvested" rainwaterwith a non-toxic, plant-based, biodegradable car wash solutionthat does not contain petroleum distillates.

They are periodically treated with a non-toxic, biodegradeablepolish treatment that reduces the need for intensive frequentwashing or repainting. Vehicle interiors are cleaned using onlywater or mild solutions of non-toxic products. Only as a lastresort are treatments containing petroleum distillates used (e.g.tar spot removal) and then only in the minimum effective quantities.

Where possible, vehicles are washed by hand on a bed of FSCbark chippings to slow the run-off of the washing solution ratherthan draining into the mains drain.

To fit low usage taps, pressure reducers, etc.
To extend rainwater use to laundry use.
To introduce "greywater" recycling.

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