Sexy Green Electric Vehicle Showcase

In association with the world famous Eden Project we hosted one of the UK's first opportunities to see many of the new production Electric Vehicles in the same place - and to receive impartial advice and opinions about the new models from our team.

The Sexy Green Car Show was the world's first low carbon motoring show, held in 2007 at the Eden Project in the heart of Cornwall.  In August 2011 the two-week long Sexy Green EV Showcase presented some of the world's cleanest, low carbon, all-electric vehicles.

Visitors had opportunity to get up close with Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Peugeot iOn and the forthcoming Smart fortwo electric.  There was also the opportunity to drive these vehicles on a 2-mile circuit within the grounds of the Eden Project, to get a taster of how well the cars perform. Our impartial advisors explained how to recharge these vehicles at home and elsewhere and how they could fit visitors' lifestyle or business needs.

We also had special visits from the Land Rover Electric Game Viewer Concept vehicle and the phenomenal Tesla Roadster Sport!

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