Energy usage

Our electricity is supplied from renewable sources on a "green"Economy 7 tariff, with a high percentage used overnight when demandis lower to recharge vehicles. Energy usage is sub-metered andquantified in terms of cost and climate change contribution. Otherenergy use is minimised and road transport is planned to avoidunnecessary travel.

We try to make use of rail for vehicle transport and personaltransport for longer distances. We avoid direct fossil fuel usagewherever possible and respect local air quality by not burningwaste or unseasoned wood in an uncontrolled manner.

We keep a "carbon diary" of our direct and indirectuse of fossil fuel (e.g. from rail journeys and vehicle deliveries)and aim to take measures to reduce the impact of these carbonemissions as necessary to make our operations close to "carbonneutral". Where our vehicles are charged away from base ona supply not known to be green we measure or estimate the consumptionand add this to the carbon diary too.

Goal: To improve energy efficiency and reduce energyrequirements by increased conservation measures and improved practices.

Goal: To produce renewable energy directly fromsmall-scale wind and solar installations.